Black Sheep's Beast of a Roast Beef



1534 Oak Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

(904) 380-3091

Roast Beef: market greens, tomato, provolone cheese, chimichurri

Side: Red Cabbage Slaw


Review: People have been telling me about Black Sheep for a while and everything I've heard is true. Before I get into how good the sandwich was the way the food is made makes all the difference. Locally sourced is always the way to go, the faster it gets out of the ground and into my mouth the better.  The roast beef sandwich is a staple of lunch menus nation wide and one of my favorites. This is a beast of a roast beef sandwich for its size and flavor, I've had bigger sure but this was on the heavy side and the flavor was deep. The chibatta bread was crusty and soft and the mixed greens were a nice twist off of boring iceberg. The highlight was by far the hearty roast beef and fresh punch of the chimichurri, it was like the beef had just been sliced off the cow and the oils and herbs of the chimi made this thing hop. I'm looking forward to my next trip into Black Sheep, they have duck on the menu, may the forks be with you. - Darth Fader